1. Videoder Overview

About Videoder

Videoder is a significant step of video download program chosen by millions of users around the global, comparing to those traditional ones. More than video download service, Videoder provides the easiest access for users to reach abundant video resources from over 1000 sites. With Videoder, users are able to download and manage these resources in their own preferences.


Here's the App Overview you should check out.

Name Videoder
Operating System Android 4.1 or up
Latest Version 14.2
Updated Date July 06, 2018
Size 10.74 MB
Total Downloads 550 Millions
Price Free


Videoder helps users to figure out the main problem of video online streaming - the poor network connection. Users can now build up their own video collections simply in Videoder, and update, manage the collections freely at anytime with ease. Videoder is successful due to it is multifunctional and user-friendly. All features that Videoder provides aim at offering the best online video download service to users around the global.


Videoder Logo


Features of Videoder

Video/Music Download

As a downloader, Videoder provides superior video and music download services.

1. Download Online Video/Music from over 1000 Sites
Videoder enables users to download online video and music from 1000+ sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, DailyMotion, etc. freely. With Videoder, you will have a more convenient access to the huge video resources on the Internet within this multimedia age.

2. High Output Quality
For video download, Videoder offers high output quality for users to select. You can easily get HD or even 4K videos simply with Videoder, then play them on TV and other big-screen HD devices. If you want to enjoy 4k videos right now, just download 4k video downloader now!

3. Up to 10X Faster Downloading Speed
Videoder is equipped with a powerful in-built download accelerator. Making use of Videoder’s multiple threads, it is particle and efficient for users to download items with 10X downloading speed.

4. Download Multiple YouTube Videos in One Go
Before download YouTube videos, Videoder gives you users a chance to select multiple items at once. When you have few videos want to download, instead of clicking into each and submit downloading, Videoder enables you to select multiple videos at once.

Download Management

Except for being a downloader, Videoder also works as an excellent management tool, helping users to manage their downloaded items easily.

1. Videoder's Downloads Section
Videoder's Downloads section shows the visual download status of the items. You can view all the downloads whether they are downloaded completed, or interrupted. If you haven't finished watching a video, it will be shown in "Running" section, which is more convenient for users to continue watching next time. Also, delete and update your downloads can be done simply.

2. Edit Your Own Music Library
With Videoder, users can easily edit the downloaded music, for example, changing their cover photos, or adding any MP3 tag. Through this function, users can own a more personalized song list.

Inbuilt Browser

Using Videoder's inbuilt browser, users can easily stream and download videos from various pages. When you are searching for information with the in-app browser, Videoder will detect the video or audio files automatically, and provides users with a popup download window, making the download process easier to be grasped.

Other Features
1. Discover Latest Media Resources
In different modules on Videoder's interface, users can know the trends of those latest media related resources around the global, including videos, music, artists, and so on. Videoder gets you kept pace with the world’s trend by knowing latest things.

2. Ads Blocker
When streaming YouTube videos on common browser, or searching something on the Internet, they will contain ads which always get users annoyed. Therefore, in order to provide a more user-friendly video streaming and searching experience, Videoder block the ads in YouTube videos and its inbuilt browser, which enables users to steam YouTube videos and visit Google without ads.
Videoder Inbuilt Browser


Videoder Premium

Since Videoder has to rely on ads profit to keep its path straight and runs regularly, although Videoder can block some ads on its inbuilt browser, there are still some that cannot be remove. To help users get rid of all ads, Videoder offers a paid version - Videoder Premium, inside the app.

Actually, Videoder Premium is not a separated APP, but refers to a plugin built in Videoder. So how to get Videoder Premium plugin in Videoder to enjoy ads-free online video download service? Just follow the simple guide below!

Get Videoder Premium in Videoder
STEP 1. Launch Videoder, and click on the hamburger-like icon on the upper-left corner.
STEP 2. Click on "Remove Ads", and submit "Continue" when a pop-up warning window shows.
STEP 3. Then it will navigate to Google Store automatically. Click on to purchase the plugin, and it will be activated when it is installed. Now you can enjoy Videoder without ads disturbing with this Videoder Premium plugin!


Install Videoder Premium Plugin

Settings in Videoder

Knowing what can each option in Videoder's settings does helps us to learn how to use Videoder quickly. There are two accesses to reach Videoder's Settings module.

  • Click on the menu bar on the upper-left corner in Videoder's interface, and click on "Settings".
  • Login with your account, then you can find the your account image on the top-right corner in Videoder's interface. Click on it and head to "Application settings".
Settings in Videoder


1. Content Settings

App and Content Language
To provide convenient online video download services to users around the global, Videoder enables 44 languages for users to select to use the app and read the contents freely.

Content Region
Users can also set Videoder by regions to get the videos that are available in these 90 different regions.

Restricted Mode
Restricted Mode can also be named as Safe Mode. By enabling this mode, users can use Videoder to search for contents in high security. But fewer contents will be shown when you are searching. For example, when you search "Taylor Swift", there will be a Top Tracks part if you do not turn on the Restricted Mode; but after you turn it on, this part will disappear.

Auto play video preview gif everywhere & gif duration
These two functions help to preview 3 or 6 seconds of each video as a gif. Users can select to turn on this option only over Wi-Fi.
Videoder Content Settings


2. Themes

Users can enable the night mode on while they are using Videoder at night to protect eyes. There are 4 theme colors here can be chosen for night mode and 6 for day mode freely to make the app more personalized. When you have selected the night mode, you can also enable primary color and accent color for matching as well.

Videoder Themes



Here users can preset the download status while downloading videos with Videoder, helping to speed up the download process.

Download Location
By selecting a certain download location, users can have a clear idea about where the videos are going to be saved. In this way, they will find the downloads much quicker.

Max parallel download tasks
Users can enable Videoder to download several videos at once. Select the max download tasks you want to download at the same time here.
Note: Videoder allows to download 6 tasks in maximum at once.

Number of threads for fast downloading
In Videoder, thread works as an acceleration helper to speed up the download process. More threads are enabled, the faster the download speed will be.
Note: The maximum of 6 threads are enabled.

Fast MP3 Conversion Mode
By turning this option on, users can convert MP3 files with higher speed. However, the audio quality will be compressed comparing to the original one.

Auto apply audio tags
Automatically apply audio tags to all your downloads. You can select cover, title, artist, and album as the tags for the downloaded audio files.

Auto Resume downloads
Interrupt the download process because of poor network connection? Apply Videoder's auto resume downloads function will enable the download to start working again automatically. Users have 3 choice, "Do not auto resume", "Auto resume over mobile data or Wi-Fi", and "Auto resume only over Wi-Fi". The last option is recommended.

Download only over Wi-Fi
To save mobile data, users can turn on this option. Downloads will only be downloaded during the device is connected to Wi-Fi.

Show download speed in bytes/sec
If users want the download process to be showed in detail, and to know how it goes on accurately, turn on this function.

Videoder Downloads


4. Video Player

Auto start video preview
This function enable the video to start playing automatically the moment you enter the video page. It would be better to apply while there is a Wi-Fi connection.

Auto play next video
It would be troublesome to play videos one by one after one ends. Enable this auto play option can make videos playable according to the playlist, instead of manually opening each.

Default video playback resolution
After playing a video, Videoder will enable the video playback. You can select the resolution for the video playback here according to your need. Or you can simply tick on "Automatic" to make the video playback to adjust by itself.

Videoder Video Player


5. Other Settings

Copy link detection
With this option on, after you copy URL of a video from other site or app, when you launch Videoder, it will detect the link and offer a download button for you to submit downloading.

Receive beta update
Users can get the latest update of Videoder by receiving beta update. However, beta update may contain bugs. So before applying this option, consider carefully. If any bug occurs, repot to Videoder for enhancement.

Get recommended notifications
By getting recommended notifications from Videoder, users can know how to use this app better, and greatly enhance their app using experience.

Uninstall audio plugin
Select to uninstall audio plugin can help to solve the problem that download conversion or mixing is giving errors.

Reset settings
Click on this option to reset all app settings to default.

Reset app
Click on this option to reset the app completely if there are lots of errors occurring while using.

Videoder Other Settings


2. What's New?

Videoder for Android

Version 14.2
  • Inbuilt comment function in YouTube videos can be used in Videoder now.
  • Videoder enables subtitles download now, and the subtitles playback is equipped with styling selection.
  • 256 kbps MP3 output quality is available.
  • Storyboard preview is added to help users search for videos more precisely.
  • The maximum 100 videos limitation in playlist downloader is removed.
  • Translations for Bulgarian, Filipino, Nepali and Kannada is added.
  • Bugs are fixed.
Version 14.1
  • Playback speed can be controlled.
  • Double-tap seeks 10 seconds.
  • Musically, Crunchyroll, and One Other** site are added.
  • Default playback resolution is added to Preference for amending.
  • Bugs are fixed.

Videoder for PC

Version 1.0.9
  • Fix command fail bug on Windows.
  • Fix conversion interrupted bug on Mac.
  • Fix Voot link not showing problem.
  • Fix overriding of videos caused by same title of different Voot videos.
  • Fix gibberish display of non ASCII characters in search suggestions.
  • Minor UI.
  • Other bugs are fixed.
Version 1.0.8
  • Supports for 2K, 4K and 60FPS videos are added.
  • Search suggestions and history are added.
  • Supports for VIU. 9anime and Fmovies are added.
  • Add other 11 new languages.
  • GFPR Compliant.
  • Download interrupt on Windows is fixed.
  • Better fonts for Cyrillic, Latin and Vietnamese font styles.
  • Search in languages other than English is fixed.

3. Guidance on How to Free Download Videoder

Currently, Videoder app provides only Android and PC version (Videoder iOS maybe on the road). So now, follow the steps to download Videoder on Android and PC first.


Videoder APK Download on Android

Get the Videoder apk installed well on Android, only these simple steps need to be followed.
STEP 1. Download Videoder APK on Android
Search for Videoder APK and download it to your Android. You can also get Videoder APK download on your PC first, and transfer the APK to Android with USB cable.
Note: Ignore the warning appeared while getting Videoder download, and just head on downloading Videoder APK to your Android.


STEP 2. Turn on Unknown Sources in Android Settings
After downloading the Videoder APK, click on it to install the program. However, the settings on your Android may not allow you to install APK downloaded outside Play Store. When a notification window pop up, head to Settings > Security to turn on Unknown Sources. After Videoder download is successful, turn it off again.

Enable Unknown Resources


STEP 3. Install Videoder
Back to the download page and click on "Install" again. This time you can install Videoder successfully.


Videoder APP Download on PC

Videoder download for PC is much easier for downloading. Just 2 steps need to be followed.

STEP1. Download Videoder Installation Package
Click on the "Download" button below to download the installation package of Videoder.


STEP 2. Install Videoder Program
Double right-click the downloaded installation package on your PC, Videoder will be installed automatically. When it is finished, launch it for using.

4. Tips on Using Videoder

Feel unfamiliar with Videoder for the first time you use? Turn to these user tips now to grasp how to use Videoder in a convenient way!


3 Ways to Download YouTube Videos on Videoder

YouTube contains large number of online streaming video and audio resources around the world, and it owns more than 100 millions users. Unfortunately, in order to protect the copyright of these media files, YouTube does not provide users with download function for saving these online resources. But actually, many videos resources on YouTube are free for downloading for personal watching. Therefore, to meet users' demand, Videoder YouTube Downloader is here to help.

There are THREE ways to use Videoder downloader to download YouTube online videos.

Way 1. Search YouTube Videos with Videoder's Inbuilt Browser
Way 2. Download YouTube Videos in YouTube Website
Way 3. Download YouTube Videos in YouTube App Directly


Way 1. Search YouTube Videos with Videoders Inbuilt Browser

STEP 1. Search the YouTube Video in Videoder
Launch Videoder YouTube Downloader. Enter the video name you want to download into the search bar on Videoder's interface.
Note: You can filter your search to narrow the results according to the upload date, type, duration, features of the video.

STEP 2. Select the YouTube Videos You Want to Download
From the search results, select the YouTube videos you want to download. Then tick it out. Videoder allows users to select more than one video to download them at once.

STEP 3. Choose Output Format and Quality
Click on “Download” and turn to choose the output format as well as quality for the YouTube videos. You are able to download them in MP4 (from 144p to 1080p), MP3, or M4A format.

STEP 4. Submit Downloading
After choosing the output format and quality, a popup window will be shown up for you to set the download location and number accelerate threads before downloading the YouTube videos. Finally, simply tap on "START DOWNLOAD".
Note: Accelerate thread means an inbuilt accelerators to help speed up the download process. Videoder will set one by default for you according to the file you are going to download. You can change it if you need.

Download YouTube Video Method 1


Way 2. Download YouTube Videos in YouTube Website

STEP 1. Go to YouTube Website in Videoder
Launch Videoder downloader and open YouTube website directly. Then you can search the video in YouTube as usual.

STEP 2. Select Videos and Tap Download Bubble
When you have got favorite video and want to download it, open that video page. Inside the page, you can find a red download bubble in the lower-left corner. Tap on it to download the video.

STEP 3. Select Resolution for Downloaded YouTube Video
Select your preferable output resolution for the YouTube video you want to download. You can choose one from 144p to 1080p. Sometimes the video will also provide 4K for users to download.

STEP 4. Choose Download Location and Number of Threads
Saving the downloaded YouTube videos to a certain download location enables users to manage them easily. You can select one in the popup window before start downloading. Besides, number of threads can be chosen freely, too. This contributes to the download speed of the videos.


Way 3. Download YouTube Videos in YouTube App Directly

STEP 1. Open YouTube App
Open YouTube app. Inside the app, search for the YouTube video you want to download.

STEP 2. Share the Video with Videroder
After finding the YouTube video, open it. Right beside the "Likes" and "Unlikes", you can find a share icon, through which you can share the video to others on different platforms. Click on the share icon and select Videoder.

STEP 3. Select Output Quality
Then back to Videoder, you now need to select the output quality for your YouTube video. Choose the resolution from 144p to 1080p or even 4K for the video.

STEP 4. Choose Output Location and Threads
After selecting the output quality for the video, you can select the Download Location and number of threads in your preferences. Finally, submit downloading.

Download YouTube Videos


How to Download 4K Videos with Videoder

To provide users high-quality video streaming experience, Videoder even supports to free download 4k video from sites including YouTube. 4k Video download seems becoming a trend that many video lovers pursue, and Videoder makes itself to be a free 4k video download helper as well. Now step into this guide to find how to download a 4k video or download 4k video song with Videoder app.

STEP 1. Open Videoder app on Android or PC.
STEP 2. Head to the 4k video page in YouTube or other video sites that you want to download.
STEP 3. Scroll down the page to select "2106p - 4k" as the output quality, then click on it.
STEP 4. Select an output folder as well as the accelerated threads. Finally, submit downloading. Then you can successfully download 4k video from YouTube.
Note: Except for using Videoder app, you can also select to download 4k video free on Videoder's webpage. It’s also simple to download 4k videos with Videoder online download. You can find how to use it in the following part!

Download 4K Videos on Videoder


How to Download Twitter Videos on Videoder

As one of the 10 popular International online platforms which own a large amount of daily traffic, Twitter has over 336 millions active users sharing news, videos, and photos on its page. However, due to Twitter’s limitation on downloading online videos, Videoder offers a path for users to save and download Twitter videos with ease. View how to download Twitter videos with Videoder now!

STEP 1. Launch Videoder downloader, and go to Twitter on its homepage.
STEP 2. Login with your Twitter account and direct to the video you want to download.
STEP 3. Tap on "Play" icon to enter the video page, then click on the download bubble on the lower-left corner.
STEP 4. Select output format and quality from the pop-up menu.
STEP 5. Choose download path to save the download Twitter videos as well as the acceleration threads. Then tap on "Start Download".
After that, you can successfully free download Twitter videos on Videoder with less efforts.

Download Twitter Videos on Videoder


2 Ways to Download Facebook Videos on Videoder

Besides YouTube and Twitter, Facebook is also a great place to find many useful or interesting online videos. Therefore, to help download Facebook videos before they are deleted by the releasers, Videoder is here to help. Videoder supports to download Facebook videos online, and its also possible to download Facebook videos in HD quality! Videoder provides 2 ways and you just need few simple steps to download Facebook videos on Android.

Way 1. Download Facebook Videos on Website in Videoder
Way 2. Download Facebook Videos from Facebook App


Way 1. Download Facebook Videos on Website in Videoder

Direct to Facebook's webpage on the interface of Videoder. Login with your Facebook account.
STEP 2. Go to the video you want to download and click on it. Then a blue download button will show up.
STEP 3. Click on the download button and select output quality in the pop-up menu.
STEP 4. Choose download path as well as the number of acceleration thread. Finally, submit "Start Download".


Way 2. Download Facebook Videos from Facebook App

You can also make use of Facebook app to download Facebook videos to Android.
STEP 1. Open Facebook app on android and turn to the Facebook video you want to download.
STEP 2. Scroll down the menu and click on "Copy Link".
STEP 3. Tap on the download button appear in the bottom of the interface.
STEP 4. Choose resolution for the Facebook video and submit downloading. Then the Facebook video will be finished downloading within seconds!
The app allows the ripping off videos in different resolutions, from 144P to 1080P. This way you can choose the file size to be stored in the smartphone’s internal or external drive. If your phone has a small storage space, then choose the lower resolution. But if storage space is not a problem, then go download in HD quality.


2 Simple Tricks on How to Download Online Videos with Videoder

In this part, the approaches of using Videoder to download online YouTube videos are given out. Using Videoder for video downloading is super convenient and useful. Actually, except for the 3 ways introduced above, there are TWO more maneuverable methods to use Videoder for downloading online video and audio. These two are even much simpler.

Method 1. Make Use of the Quick Download Button
Method 2. Videoder's Smart Inbuilt Detection Tool


Method 1. Make Use of the Quick Download Button

To optimize its download service, Videoder sets a quick download button, making the download process much faster. With this quick download tool, users have no need to wait for the download link generated anymore, but just simply click on this download button.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the quick download button is in the shape of lightening. Click on it and turn to the download page.

Quick Button in Videoder


Method 2. Videoder's Smart Inbuilt Detection Tool

Videoder has built an invisible detection tool in the app. If users copy the URL of a video outside Videoder, when they launch Videoder, the app will detect the URL automatically and provides users with a "Download" button.

Here are the detailed operating steps.
STEP 1. Copy the URL of your favorite videos from video online streaming sites or programs outside Videoder.
STEP 2. After the link is copied successfully, Videoder will detect the URL automatically. Then a "Download" button will show up in the bottom of the interface.
STEP 3. Click on the "Download" button to select the output format and quality. Finally, submit downloading.

Download Web Video with Videoder


Screenshots of Videoder

5. Videoder Online Downloader

Except for download Videoder APK on Android or Videoder APP on PC, there is also a Videoder online downloader provided on Videoder’s official website. With Videoder’s video online downloader, users do not need to download Videoder APK or Videoder APP, but can also enjoy high-quality online videos downloader on webpage.

Features of Videoder Online Downloader
  • A great video online downloader from any site;
  • A useful HD video online downloader for free using;
  • Supports to download online videos with up to 1080p;
  • Convert online videos to MP3/MP4 with ease.


How to Use Videoder Online Downloader

STEP 1. Head to Videoder online downloader on the webpage.
STEP 2. Search for the video you want to download in the search bar, or copy and paste the URL to it.


Videoder Online Downloader


STEP 3. Click on the video and select output resolution.
STEP 4. Submit downloading.

Submit Download Video Online


Top 3 Online Video Downloader

As the convenience of online video downloader, more and more users prefer to download online videos with a webpage-based online downloader instead of downloading an APP. Therefore, except for Videoder online downloader, here we'd like to recommend others 3 reliable video online downloader as well. With them, you can easily solve how to download video online using online video downloader by URL! Now, head to the list below.


#1. VidPaw

VidPaw is the best online video download which provides free but professional online video and audio download service for users around the world with high quality. You can freely download videos with up to 8k output quality, and music for up to 320kbps. With VidPaw, watching high-quality videos offline is no longer a dream.

VidPaw Homepage


#2. Y2Mate

Y2Mate provides the easiest way for users to download online videos with ease. Instead of copying and pasting video link to Y2Mate’s download bar, you can also search for the exact online video in Y2Mate's search bar. Additionally, it also acts as a YouTube to MP3 converter! This online video downloader for Chrome is really helpful and convenient!

Y2Mate Homepage


Online Video Downloader is a simple-designed webpage that provides high quality online video download service. This online video download for PC is very simple for using. You just need to search for the videos directly (or paste the URL of your online video), then select output quality as well as format, and you can download the video easily.

Online Video Download Homepage


6. FAQs

Get some problems while using Videoder? You may get part of answers from the FAQs below.
Is Videoder Free for Using?

Videoder is free. But if you want to remove ads from Videoder when you are using it, you have to purchase Videoder Premium plugin from Play Store.


Why It Keeps Noticing Me When Installing Videoder APK?

Since Videoder is not available on Play Store (because some terms of Play Store against this kind of YouTube videos downloading program). Therefore, you have to enable Unknown Resources on Android settings when you are installing the Videoder APK.


Is Videoder Safe?

Videoder is a reliable and professional video download program. It is not bundle with any malware. And it concludes no virus as well. Users can use this program with no concerns.


Can I use Videoder on iPhone?

It is a pity that Videoder for iPhone is not available currently. It is now can be used on Android devices, Windows and Mac.


Can Download Videos to the Local Folders on My Device?

Yes. When you submit downloading the videos, you can select a Download Location to save the downloaded videos. Once the videos are downloaded, even if you have uninstalled Videoder and clear all its cache data, the downloads will still remain on your devices.


User Reviews

With Videoder, I can download YouTube videos with ease and management easily. This makes my video enjoyment much better! --Green White
It is the best video downloader I have ever used, and I can even get YouTube videos in MP3. This surprise me a bit. --Sky Byron
I have to give my review because Videoder has helped me a lot to collect my favorite music videos on YouTube! Thanks a lot! --Johnson Reed

See Also: Videoder Alternatives


#1. VidMate

VidMate is superior online video download program. It has attracted millions of Android users to use its download service. VidMate provides a few categories, in which users can look for files easier.

#2. Snaptube

As one of the leading video downloaders for Android, Snaptube owns a more user-friendly interface and easy-to-grasp operations. With Snaptube, video download will be more convenient.

#3. TubeMate

Equipped with a built-in browser, TubeMate enables users to get videos resources from the Internet easily by searching for them. In this way, users are free to download online videos from various sites.